Thursday, October 18, 2007

Find Your Own Path

This is the first newsletter that I've written for A Path That Fits. Thank you all for receiving it and reading it. My intention is to write a monthly newsletter that provokes new insights, learning, and growth. I want it to help you find your way - wherever you are in life - and develop your potential more fully.

I'm excited and a little bit nervous. It's exciting to be putting myself, my work, and my message out into the world. It's also a little scary. How will it be received? What will people think of it? Will I be able to communicate my insights, experiences, and passion for learning and self-discovery in a useful way? Lets find out...

Part I: What is "A Path That Fits"?

I believe that we all have a unique life path that fits who we are and what we want for ourselves and others. We also have a unique way of living and being on our path that optimizes our potential and effectiveness. It isn't just about what we do but also how we do it. Finding this path and living it allows each of us to express our natural gifts and create unparalleled value for ourselves and others.

Our path is what we do and how we do it. There is a path that fits our life as a whole and path(s) that fit our professional life, personal life, spiritual life, relationships and family. There are many possibilities but there are few paths that truly fit who we are, what we want, and why we are here.

Take a minute to ask yourself: How well does the path that I'm on right now fit who I am, what I want, and why I'm here?

Part II: Why aren't more people on their own path?

Unfortunately, there is rarely support for the process of finding your path. We are expected to just figure it out or let life take us. School stresses academic aptitude over self-knowledge and personal development. It's seemingly more important to get a successful job than a job you love. Society gives us the message that if we are cool and successful, we will be happy.

So we end up full of ideas and beliefs about the way things are that aren't even really our own. We get a map of how to live our own life based on how someone else lived.How is someone else's map going to help us navigate to where we want to go? How can we find a path that fits with everyone else's ideas in the way? We can't.

Take a minute to ask yourself: Whose map am I navigating from? What part of the map did I draw myself and what part did I unconsciously pick up from someone else?

Part III: How do you find your path?

Finding your path comes from within. It is about realizing what is already there rather than going out and looking for something. It is a process that is facilitated by self-awareness and mindfulness - by really, truly, and sometimes painfully listening to your heart, gut, intuition, and your life - and living accordingly. It requires you to surrender and let go of old patterns and beliefs that you know are holding you back. Other times, the process demands a revolution against the limitations of "shoulds" and what is considered "the right way." It may take time before the inner learning and growth shows up on the outside in the form of a new career path or more success and ease in your life, but it will.

Whether you are letting go or rebelling, if you are moving closer to your true self, you are finding your path.

The rewards are tremendous. The process is full of learning and growth. And when you are on your path it feels natural. It may not always be easy but there is a feeling of rightness that comes from knowing that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. You are realizing your potential, expressing your natural gifts, and creating value for yourself and others. It is a gift for everyone

Take a minute to ask yourself: What is my gift? What is the path that fits me?

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